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Reminder for the Brookport website

 If you have a business or know of a business that is not listed on the Brookport website,, please use the contact form on the website to send contact information for that business to the web administrator.  If you have information that needs to be put on the community bulletin board, please use the contact form as well.  If you would like to see something on the website that is not there, please contact the web administrator as above for suggestions.  Remember, this is YOUR City Website.  Help us make it a helpful and useful tool!



 City Stickers are required annually for all vehicles if you reside in the City of Brookport.  This also applies to vehicles that are licensed out of state but with residence in Brookport.  You can pick up your city stickers at at City Hall.   City stickers are available in January for $5.25 per vehicle.  Cost increases in March to $10.25 per vehicle.

"Spring Clean Up" is coming up. On June 9TH, 2015 Brookport will be having their annual "Spring Clean Up". This year Brookport will be doing a curb-side pick up for one day only. Bulldog will not accept hazardous materials such as batteries, tires, appliances with freon, paint, or ect. Beautify Brookport this Spring Clean Up! Only on June 9TH.


The City of Brookport is an equal opportunity provider and employer.