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Our library is completely run by volunteers. 

The Brookport Library is a symbol of community determination.  Its walls are filled not only with the world’s greatest literature, but with the hearts and souls of the people of Brookport.  With their Million Member initiative, the Library is spreading their vision one dollar at a time!


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This is a public library supported with private funds from the community and is owned by the Brookport Betterment Committee, Inc.  The Brookport school system is operating at a 75 percent poverty level for their lunch program, so we organized this library in 1991, only charging $1 a year per person for a library card.  We have been operating since 1991 as an all volunteer organization. Our expenses are only around $500 amonth for heat, lights and insurance and supplies. All the pennies we can get will keep our doors open.  Click here to read more about how GoodSearch works.


Contact Information
7415 South US 45
Brookport, IL  62910
(618) 564-3494

The City of Brookport is an equal opportunity provider and employer.